Leading R&D on metallurgical coal in Canada since 1965

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Leading R&D on metallurgical coal in Canada since 1965

Making ironmaking blast furnace operation
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Pilot-scale carbonisation facility
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About CCRA

The Canadian Carbonization Research Association (CCRA) was formed in 1965 to conduct research on behalf of Canada’s steel and metallurgical coal producers for the competitive advantage of the industry

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About Our Research Facility

CCRA makes use of the research facility at CanmetENERGY, Canada’s leading research and Technology organization in the field of clean energy.  We also collaborate with Canadian universities to support research in the field of metallurgical coal, coking and bio-carbon for iron and steel making. Our expertise and work with stakeholders are driving a cleaner production and use of energy resources.

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About Our Industry

Canada is a major supplier of metallurgical coal for the iron industry with an annual production of 30M tons in 2016.  The Canadian metallurgical coal is produced in Western Canada and exported in various countries all around the world.  The Canadian integrated steel mills in Canada are also a major consumer of metallurgical coal with a consumption of 6M tons in 2016.

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