From Concept to Reality

In 1964, during a visit to the Booth Street lab of Energy Mines & Resources (EMR), F.J. Pearce, who worked for The Steel Company of Canada, Limited was discussing the coke and coal situation with Dr. J. Walsh and J. Chisholm and it was apparent that Industry and EMR should develop a formal Research/Technical relationship.  With the approval of senior government and Stelco management, F.J. Pearce was asked to contact all of the Canadian coal and steel companies in order to form the basis for the relationship.

From this initial discussion, the concept of the Canadian Carbonization Research Association was developed from the responses to F.J. Pearce’s contacts. Dr. Walsh and J. Chisholm sought the approval of senior government management and A. Ignatieff of EMR was in complete support of the idea, and this cleared the way for the concept to become reality.

The Canadian Carbonization Research Association (CCRA) was formed on September 2, 1965 with the adoption of a Constitution by the Canadian Steel and Coal industries, as a mechanism to promote and establish carbonization research in Canada.  The Association’s original members were C.W. Drake of Algoma Steel Corporation, W.J. Riva of Canmore Mines Limited, J. John of Crows Nest Industries, J.E. Ludberg of Dominion Foundries and Steel Limited, T.G. Cassidy of Dominion Tar & Chemicals Ltd, R.P. Nicholson of Dosco Steel Ltd, F.J. Pearce of The Steel Company of Canada Limited and J. H. Walsh of The Mines Branch of Energy, Mines and Resources.


Others at this founding meeting were H.N. Paulencu of Stelco, A. Ignatieff, J.C. Botham, D.S. Montgomery and J.H. Hudson of CANMET. They were representatives of the major cokemaking steel producers, independent coke producer, major metallurgical coal miners, major coal tar users of the day and the Federal Government area involved with these Industries.
The first Chairman of the Board of Directors was C.W. Drake, with J. Ludberg as Treasurer and J. Walsh as Secretary. The Technical Committee Chairman was F. Pearce with R. Zavitz, R. Nicholson and J. Botham of EMR as Secretary.
CCRA is a unique co-operative research and development effort between Industry and Government which became a model for many other industry/government R&D joint efforts. CCRA and CANMET have had different opinions on what R&D priorities should be the focus of the Joint Program, however, through dialogue and discussion, these differences have always resulted in a consensus based program. The winner in this whole matter has been R&D in Canada and we look forward to the continuation of this joint effort for years to come.