Leading R&D on metallurgical coal in Canada since 1965

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Leading R&D on metallurgical coal in Canada since 1965

Our Research


CCRA is active in four areas of research where benefits are expected in the short to medium term. In no particular order the research areas are:

  1. Energy and CO2 Reduction in the Steel Industry
    The objective of this program is to develop the technical understanding to improve energy efficiency and coke quality for higher productivity and lower coke rate blast furnace operation
  2. Energy and Environment
    This program aims at determining options for alternative cokemaking in Canada
  3. Fundamental Aspects of Coal and Coke Utilization
    The objective of this research is to understand the fundamental science of coal and coke utilization in order to improve energy efficiency
  4. Database, Standards and Procedures
    This program has several goals and objectives: i) we develop standards or procedures to enhance the knowledge and utilization of Canadian coal and coke; ii) we generate industrial intelligence from the historical data base developed within CCRA; iii) we develop small-scale carbonization apparatus for valuable coal quality indicators, and iv) we conduct annual benchmarking of CanmetENERGY movable wall ovens to ensure reliability/repeatable performance.

List of Active Projects

Research Areas Project Title Objective Publications
1 Blast Furnace Energy Reduction Initiatives  Click here
1 Renewable Energy for the Steel Industry Click here
2 Coke and Power – Energy Recovery Cokemaking Click here
3 Coal Resource Quality Evaluation Click here
3 Mineral Matter and Coke Reactivity Click here
3 Factors Affecting Coke Bed Permeability Click here
4 Standards Click here
4 Small-Scale Carbonization Facility for Cold & Hot Coke Strength Determination Click here
4 Benchmarking of Movable Wall Ovens Click here
4 Stamp Charging Click here