The uniqueness of the CCRA program is that it is able to adapt well to current and future needs of its members.  The CCRA has recently embarked on R&D projects with international researchers in Australia, France, Japan, Sweden, USA and this has allowed the development of global partners and programs.  In addition, the CCRA is pursuing significant GHG reduction initiatives with both the coal and steel sectors as this is fast becoming a very significant global directive for these industries.  In brief, the CCRA is examining ways to achieve carbon-neutral ironmaking in the middle to long-term (2030-2040) by partnering with Canadian and international partners.

Aligning the R&D Program with current and future needs of its members and industry, the CCRA has developed the following program areas:

Fundamentals of Coal Science:

  • To understand the fundamental science of coal exploration and coal utilization in order to improve global competiveness of Western Canadian Coal

Blast Furnace Ironmaking Carbon Efficiency Enhancement:

  • To advance pulverized coal injection technology for improving carbon efficiency of blast furnace ironmaking.
  • To improve quality of metallurgical coke by understanding the fundamental science of cokemaking and coke utilization for supporting high carbon efficiency blast furnace ironmaking.

Substitution of Fossil Carbon  by Renewable Biocarbon in Pyrometallurgical Processes:

  • To reduce GHG emissions associated with pyrometallurgical metal production processes in Canada.
  • To develop technology for enabling substitution of fossil carbon by biocarbon in pyrometallurgical sectors.To develop biocarbon supply chain to support metal production sectors

Carbon Neutral Ironmaking Technology Development:

  • To develop technology for/research/database-and-standards/ achieving carbon neutrality ironmaking in Canada through embracing different technologies (Biocarbon, H2, Electron, CCUS)