CCRA 54: ISO and ASTM Coal and Coke Standards

  • Development of standards and procedures pertaining to Canadian Coal and Steel industries

CCRA 90:  Exploration Sample Assessment for Current and New Coal Mines in Canada

  • To investigate alternative environmental friendly methods to produce exploration coal samples for further assessment..

CCRA 81: Mineral Matters in Western Canadian Coal

  • To understand the effect of mineral type and size in coal on resultant coke quality
  • To understand the characteristics of western Canadian coal in-situ mineralogy and transformation of minerals in carbonization

CCRA 80: Characterization of Coal Washing Plant Streams  and Product Quality Upgrade

  • To characterize the metallurgical properties of mine circuits to better understand how to improve coke quality and hence energy efficiency for both the coal and steel industries.

CCRA 86: Performance of Canadian Coals in High Inert Blend

  • To understand how Western Canadian coals behave/work in high inert blends.

CCRA87: Technical Merits of Western Canadian Coals

  • To develop fundamental studies that show the technical merits of Western Canadian coals.
  • To package existing technical information/data and gather new analysis data for highlighting the fact that Canadian coals prove to make high quality coke for modifying perception of marketing representatives.

CCRA 93: Performance of Western Canadian Coal in Stamp Charge

  • To understand the effect of incorporating Western Canadian Coal in stamp charge blend on resultant coke quality and coal blend stampability