CCRA 91: Blast Furnace Energy Reduction Initiatives using Auxiliary Fuel Injection

  • To develop analytical method for monitoring the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal injection in industrial blast furnace
  • To determine the roles of coal rheology and petrographic properties on pulverized coal combustibility

CCRA 82: Factors Affecting Coke Bed Permeability

  • To understand the effect of coke size and shape on coke bed permeability.
  • To understand the effect of western Canadian coal on resultant coke size and shape

CCRA 77: Energy Recovery Cokemaking

  • To prepare Canadian steel industry transition to ERCO cokemaking technology
  • To improve energy efficiency and reduce criteria air contaminates and particulates emissions of Canadian steel industry

CCRA 84: Coke Degradation  Mechanisms

  • To understand the effect of coal properties, carbonization conditions and handling on coke degradation mechanism

CCRA 94: High Temperature Properties of Coke

  • To understand the high temperature (>1100C) properties of coke