Leading R&D on metallurgical coal and steel in Canada

The Canadian Carbonization Research Association (CCRA) was formed in 1965 to conduct research on behalf of Canada’s steel and metallurgical coal producers for the competitive advantage of the industry. Our mandate is to improve the energy efficiency of Metallurgical Processes for the advancement of Canadian Industry. Click below to discover more about the CCRA initiatives and agenda.

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Our Facility

CCRA makes use of the research facility at CanmetENERGY, Canada’s leading research and Technology organization in the field of clean energy. We also collaborate with Canadian universities to support research in the field of metallurgical coal, coking and bio-carbon for iron and steel making. Our expertise and work with stakeholders are driving a cleaner production and use of energy resources.


Leading R&D on metallurgical coal and steel in Canada since 1965

The History of CCRA

The Canadian Carbonization Research Association (CCRA) was formed on September 2, 1965 with the adoption of a Constitution by the Canadian Steel and Coal industries, as a mechanism to promote and establish carbonization research in Canada. Click the link below to learn more about the history of CCRA and the industry.

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Our Research

The uniqueness of the CCRA program is that it is able to adapt well to current and future needs of its members.   In addition, the CCRA is pursuing significant GHG reduction initiatives with both the coal and steel sectors as this is fast becoming a very significant global directive for these industries.

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Our Members

The CCRA has corporate members from Canada’s major steel and coal mining companies, government members, as well as one member from U.S.A. since 2011. For more information on becoming a member as well as membership fees please contact us. Click the link below to view our current list of active members.

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